DIS is an invitation to collectively attune to the natural elements surrounding us: the ocean, the sun, and space; to fully live the present moment.

Discover the animation  : https://vimeo.com/553517308

Particles of cosmic dust, imaginary creatures, gravitational waves, light beams, iridescent colors, expressing the micro and the macro as infinite timelines, are similar to the unexpectedeness of life.

This is the first drawing:

In 2020-2021, we’ve been forced to disconnect from each other.
Since all the museums were closed, we decided to bring art to the people.
By projecting this animation on the walls of the streets of Paris, we connected with the people who were chilling by their windows, walking their dogs, taking a stroll....

These are some images from the live projection:

Discover the animation   : https://vimeo.com/553517308

By focusing on the oneiric dimension of life, DIS is about reconnecting people and the discovering of our inner selves in this uncertain times.

These are images from the animation :

DIS was shown at Centre Culturel Communal de Pierrefitte, France as an immersive experience in January 2022, at Greenline Foundation, Ognon, France in September 2022 and at IDC Gallery, Paris, France in February 2023.
Discover the animation  : https://vimeo.com/553517308