I am a Paris based Artist offering creative services. I believe in combining traditional methods such as painting and drawing, with computer programming, in order to achieve the most engaging and effective designs. I create logos, websites, paintings, ink drawings, animations, collages, and installations. I am passionate about space, existence and spirituality. I try to learn from what different people, cultures, ways of life, and perhaps most importantly, different environments can teach me. I am convinced that only by raising our awareness and being conscientious of the consequences of our actions, can we preserve this amazing world we live in. Therefore my goal is to spread this message through my art and by doing so, give meaning to my life.

I hold a Foundation degree from Parsons, New York, and a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins, London (2014).
At Central Saint Martins, I was awarded distinction for my senior thesis, A Journey from black holes back to reality, and received mention for its rich content, research, innovative storytelling and coding skills. My thesis was subsequently published by several blogs and websites such as Science Blogs, Galleryhip, Topical Science, and Medium.